Hollywood’s Swanky Supper Club Delilah Is Coming To The Strip

Known for its exclusivity, opulence and lavish Great Gatsby vibes, the 1920’s-inspired lounge and restaurant Delilah is getting Vegas-fied. Wynn Las Vegas has partnered with Los Angeles’ h.wood Group to open this Hollywood supper-club concept in Spring 2020. The h.wood Group also runs restaurant concepts The NICE GUY, Delilah, SLAB, Mason and Petite Taqueria, in addition to hospitality venues Blind Dragon, Bootsy Bellows, Poppy, The Peppermint Club, SHOREbar, 40 LOVE and FOUND Hotels.

Delilah will be taking over the Wynn special events space, the Chairman’s Salon, which was formerly the home of the two-star Michelin restaurant Alex.

Nightlife luminaries John Terzian and Brian Toll of The h.wood Group and Alex Cordova of Wynn Nightlife want Delilah Las Vegas to be more than just a fine dining venue, but rather a “social dining” destination for those looking for both an upscale meal and an even better party. Think swanky décor, ritzy ambiance, live music and performances and more.

In Los Angeles, the supper club serves dishes such as baby back ribs, filet mignon, roasted chicken, a veal chop marsala, rack of lamb and salmon en croute for entrees. You can bet the Delilah Las Vegas will have an equally appealing menu, alongside exceptional bottle service.

Known as a hotspot for celebrities that include Drake, Shawn Mendes, Post Malone, Kendall Jenner and more, bringing Delilah to The Strip was a no-brainer.

“Delilah accomplishes all of an elegant combo of what makes a supper club special with dining, music and experience that all goes seamlessly together in a night without it being forced, it is what people in Vegas are needing and wanting,” says Terzian. “Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the world and nightclubs in the world…separately.  I think Delilah is that perfect combo and Wynn is the perfect house for that combo.”

Forbes chatted with Cordova on this exclusive partnership, how Delilah Las Vegas plans to exceed patrons’ expectations, what exactly “social dining” is and more.

What were the key factors in deciding to partner with Delilah?
We have an exceptional restaurant program here at the Wynn; from our fine dining offerings, to our casual eateries, but a social dining experience was missing. We needed to identify the partner that would bring best-in-class in social dining to the resort. From our perspective, we felt as though The h.wood Group, with their food and beverage and nightlife concepts, is a perfect fit.

What was the catalyst for opening Delilah, a culinary concept different from those that have been done before at the Wynn?

We are planning this to be more than just a restaurant. It must be an experience, as many of our customers desire that. Our clientele at the Wynn, and in the nightlife space, have become more sophisticated and refined. They’re looking for other experiences outside the mega-clubs of Vegas. We will provide them with an experience that feels like a night out, with fine dining as a backdrop, incorporating the standards of the Wynn and a higher energy environment.

We’re excited to bring Delilah to our city and see how the concept will transform in to something greater in Las Vegas. It’s happened before where we have identified smaller concepts and have worked to make them even more extraordinary than they already were. Vegas identifies concepts in primary markets and we say, “How do we expand that concept on a larger scale?”.

Talk about what exactly “social dining” is.
Social dining is a seamless convergence of a high-energy restaurant combined with the finer points of a lounge experience.  We at the Wynn take it one step further by integrating our vision of luxury and our unprecedented service standards.

Both John Terzian and Brian Toll of the h.wood Group had a vision in creating Delilah. In Los Angeles it’s more of a private dining experience where you need to be put on a list to get in. Then that experience transforms past eleven o’ clock and it becomes more of a lounge experience with incredible live entertainment and cocktails.

We, Wynn and the h.wood Group, are now figuring out how to best own that experience here in Vegas, whether we’re hosting the casual customer or the VIP and celebrity customer. The question is how do we elevate that experience from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

What can guests expect from Delilah?

We’re going to be about delightful surprises. Live music, three-piece bands, celebrity performances and more.

Nightlife at the Wynn has always lent a hand as a shared resource with the whole resort, but this is the first time that nightlife has been combined with fine dining to create an experience from start to finish. We’re very excited.