Stepping into oh-so-exclusive Delilah feels like being whisked away to a manky 1930s soirée. The lounge, which corporals live music, fine dining, and fancy drinks, marks a sophisticated evolution for the hwood Group. As the natives and longtime nightclub owners have matured along with their friends and family, John Terzian, 36, and Brian Tou, 37. noticed a gap between the holy nightclub scene and the average LA dining experience. With Delilah, Terzian says, “It really brings the two worlds of a restaurant and nightclub together. We want guests to feel coddled, that they can always have a great Lable,” adds Toll For Terzian, the homage to bygone time holds a personal connection. “I think I should have been born in, like, the or something he says. “I love tuxedos and the type of decor where they paid extreme attention to detail… All of that a kind of lost in the moderner2” When envisioning the club, designer John Soflo pulled inspiration from Art Deco Landmark the Queen Mary, meticulously studying the materials and curvatures of the ship’s Interior
Looking forward, the wood Group is currently developing a number of new projects, including the recently opened Blind Dragon on Sunset Tolland Terzian arc DcYET rest… nor apparently are due ghosts of Crawford, Davis, Tumer, ct al. Chasers what? 7969 Santa Monica BW, West Hollywood, 323-715.